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This game's download file is megabytes. Rate This Product. Back to Top. Also, this game can be brutally hard and time consuming, so cheating is always an option. The only way to revive is to crawl toward the holy sword and get it back. One thing I noticed is that the boss fights are not as interesting as S. Normal Price. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Notice Added Advert link on Hentai Games you get directed to another site.

The only thing that I dislike, and this may just be an issue with the software used to make the game, but you can't disable the music without disabling all sound effects as well, And being that the music resets any time you enter a new screen, this can get a tad maddening in my opinion Great fantasy guro game! Devil legion ver.

Anonymous May 11, The game gives me total satisfaction and enters in my top three from this circle. Keyboard Problems?

It can be used for many purposes: to recover a stock, to accelerate MP bar, to attain new skills and magics. If this issue could somehow be fixed this game would be primo. There are 2 save. Anonymous Dec 26,

Tamaki boku no hero. [ACT] Sword Of Ryonasis ~Kirsch In Lewd Labyrinth~ Ver.1.04

Keyboard Problems? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I love it and I certainly recommend picking this game up and it's predecessors if you haven't tried them yet! Notify of. Notice Added Advert link on Hentai Games you get directed to another site. Damn these elephant legs, why creator of this game could not make her slimmer? Friends Hentai Knight. Anonymous May 12, I don't know where to start. Close Menu.

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Anonymous Dec 26, The keyboard does not respond. Report this video:.

Some of you guys should start supporting these developers, it took a whole year for this guy to create this game, while I admit some other developers just do it for the money. I don't know where to start. OS Platforms.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Galar Region Intro! (Nintendo Switch)

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