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Thanks to mikkillerib97 for commissioning this story! When she gets back, her boyfriend is surprised to learn that the experience has changed her in two memorable ways. It should have been burning her, but other than the discomfort of landing on the stack of wood, there was no pain. I do encourage you to relinquish your soul, but the choice is ultimately yours. Thank grrrod, I thought nobody was coming… Rufff! The fire contorted into a shape, a cartoonish and jagged grin of flame that bobbed and cackled as it beheld her. Grimlocxxx Posted 2 years ago. A large shape barreled out of the darkness and straddled her. Her skin was beginning to take on a shade reminiscent of the many pumpkins that surrounded her.

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The group was silent, waiting with hushed breaths. Fembovinized fave fondly felicitated! N Sx Tg. Even if it's a lil' bit fetishy or furry

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A large shape barreled out of the darkness and straddled her. OPEN this means im open for business! Commission info.

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Wow sounds like a lot of work for you, its a shame tumbler had to do that thing. The group was silent, waiting with hushed breaths. Theme Light Dark.

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The long black and white fluffed appendage swayed back and forth, and she felt it dully thwack against her pillow. Close Reload. Grinning, Mary stretched and two huge leathery wings unfolded from behind her, she felt… powerful. Grimlocxxx Posted 2 years ago. Lynn stormed down the hallway, having finally mustered up the courage to confront her neighbor. Author enigma I hope you all enjoy the images. Apr 1,

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From the flames emerged a burning shape, and as the flames surrounding it died, the now nude shape of Mary stepped out. A dry husk of a tendril, a root-like appendage of the pumpkin, twisted out, wrapping around an ankle and sending her stumbling balance into a flailing fall. Midderoo-von-Fluffins Posted 2 years ago. Close Reload.

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Commission - Reward for the Guard. Anonymous asked : Need canine and feline females showing their animallike soles pls! The smell of dog clung to the air drifting out the open apartment door, and Lynn shook her head in dismay at what she saw. Curia-DD Hobbyist Writer.

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