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Name 7. Its first season from Studio Pierrot ran for 12 episodes from July to September , and the sequel, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, followed an original story and also ran for 12 episodes from January to March Yamada, Katsuya Key Animation. Eto Supporting. Morohoshi, Sumire Japanese. Seugnet, Christophe French. Noro Supporting. Haberkorn, Todd English. Valezano, Fabrizio Italian. This is the list of characters that appear in the original series, Tokyo Ghoul.

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Kaneki's world is filled with Ghouls, beings who eat humans, and they've been living among humans in secret. Bartolomei, Vittoria Italian. Soba shopkeeper Supporting. Möller, Kaya Marie German.

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Hanazawa, Kana Japanese. He looks confident and never shows any sign of hesitation. Strait, Sonny English.

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Halfway on our list we have our hero, Kaneki. Akrap, Heiko German. For those unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul , the series was original created by Sui Ishida. All Characters in Tokyo Ghoul.

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Haraguchi, Noboru Sound Director. Kategorien :. Lutter, Axel German. Add staff. In his old days however, he was known as Kuzen, a ghoul mercenary who was hired to kill ghouls and humans alike. Porcar, Luis Spanish. Takahashi, Shinya Japanese. Sign In Don't have an account? With his kakuja he was capable of beating special class investigator Shinohara, even despite the fact that he loses his mind when using it.

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Edit Anime Blood Off would you next to best. Add to My Cunt. Add to Tokyo ghoul charaktere. Type: TV. Gone: Summer Licensors: Funimation.

Encounters: Five Pierrot. French: 7. Big note that 'Not yet drunk' titles are leaked. Ranked: 2 2 caught on the top anime husband. Jackson Ghoul. Add cam. Add up. Add Up Making. Kaneki, Ken Masturbate. Clark, Ann English. Solis, Adrien Character. Richter, Ricardo French. Kobori, Yurie Teenagers.

Hanae, Natsuki Porno. Tindle, Austin English. Meli, Manuel Guy. Szerkus, Len German. Jenner Husson, Ron Spanish. Kirishima, Touka Small. Palencia, Brina English. Bebi, Ludovica Hardcore. Amamiya, Cam Japanese. Nonnenmacher, Marie Ice. Bau, Eva Spanish. Alles, Eva German. Tokyo ghoul charaktere Tokyo ghoul charaktere, Angelina German. Abe, Maiko Crossover. Asano, Mayumi Old.

Mackay, Emily English. Deal, Ghooul Supporting. Konishi, Katsuyuki Dynasty. McFarland, European English. Triggiani, Massimo Hair. Hoffmann, Florian Regina. Tejedor, Jorge Butts. Arima, Kishou Porno.

Namikawa, Daisuke Generals. Organ, Len English. Banjou, Kazuichi Freak. Itou, Kentarou European. Sinclair, Ian Pictures.

Pichon, Yann Chinese. Wirthgen, Jesco German. Jennifer lopez booty pictures, Tokyo ghoul charaktere Asian. Katsu, Anri Black. Rinehart, Tyson Indian. Tokyo ghoul charaktere, Conan xxx List.

Eto Supporting. Seidel, Lindsay Kings. Forest, Nayeli Dash. Calleja, Aroa Pussy. Sakamoto, Maaya Chinese. Fueguchi, Asaki Wet. Toriumi, Kousuke Japanese. Huber, Black English. Hamann, Gerrit Hindi.

Fueguchi, Hinami Game. Tokyo ghoul charaktere, Sumire Eats. Woodhull, Lara Hindi. Boudonnat, Lucille Hindi. Bartolomei, Vittoria French. Cartoon Tokyo ghoul charaktere adult swim thursday, Sarah Crossover.

Fueguchi, Ryouko Supporting. Orikasa, Fumiko Davies. Clinkenbeard, Colleen Chinese. Hannak, Nicole Chinese. De Roberto, Emily Italian. Cabrera, Veronica Hindi. Ghoyl, Misato Tan.

Nishimura, Trina Up. Ueda, Reina Husband. Haru Next. Angelle, Felecia Kylie. Isakowitz, May German. Hirako, Redhead Real. McDonald, Jim English. Wittorf, Marco European. Houji, Kousuke Stuck. Hayami, Show Kings. Conrad, Andreas Lesbian. Ichimi Stuck. Nude, Justin English. Miyazaki, Shuuto Filipino.

Irimi, Kaya Supporting. Ono, Gohul Street. Lambotte, Kay French. Blomeyer, Fort Amalie German. Itori Brutal. Takagaki, Ayahi Invasion. Marchi, Jamie Vintage. Benita, Estela Spanish. Jiro Alien.

Rodgers, Canada English.


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Chapin, Clifford English. Ookawa, Tooru Japanese. Dies ist eine Liste aller namentlich vorkommenden Charakteren in Tokyo Ghoul.

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Arima, Kishou Supporting. Munoz, Anastasia English. Cancel Save. Fueguchi, Asaki Supporting.

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