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I dont like skinny women. I like her current weight, but I would have an issue if she was any skinner or fatter for that matter. Tobago Jones and CubicleGangster like this. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. You wear a rubber? TheWorm likes this. Captain , Dec 8, Show Ignored Content. The Vent Thread. That being said, I guess as long as she's healthy it's fine. Well, everybody is so obsessed with thick asses now that I'm surprised women aren't undergoing experimental gene splicing with hippos. I hate how people think it's ok to just tell things like "go eat something" or "aren't your parents feeding you?? SG Classic Light. Wednesday at PM psychicemotus. Yuli T.

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Or even medium-height lanky guys. Sanne Vloet Latest: somethingsweet 4 minutes ago. But I wouldn't use dietary supplements because I don't think they are helpful on the long term. Not short girls. Article Discussion Discuss articles posted on SkinnyGossip. Originally Posted by Ruth4Truth. Searching In Vain Well, how did I get here? The only kind I like.

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They're looking for comfort, not for speed. I prefer them skinny, pounds. Skinny girls have none of that. I got bullied lots for being thin and was afraid to wear skirts. I hate how people think it's ok to just tell things like "go eat something" or "aren't your parents feeding you?? What do you think about my junior year schedule? Super skinny sometimes, too. Celebrity thinspo. I dont like skinny women. I don't know how you looked before, but looking at your looks I can see a happy, healthy, young woman, so I get you're another proof it's worth taking care of your body and keeping it strong and healthy:. But what are people's opinions of this?

What are your opinions on super skinny girls? — College Confidential

  • I got bullied lots for being thin and was afraid to wear skirts.
  • Skinny girls love tall, lanky guys.
  • I am very close friends with a girl who naturally has model like proportions.
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July edited August in High School Life. Personally, I think girls look better when they are stick thin. Not saying that people shouldn't be happy where they are with their weights. But what are people's opinions of this? However, I do know a girl who is SO skinny, that is is a bit disturbing. July edited August Post edited by GirlieGurl on August Replies to: What are your opinions on super skinny girls? July I'm 5'3 and a half, pounds. I get called skinny a lot. Super skinny sometimes, too. My opinion of me would be that I'm normal. I'm 5'5 and a half, pounds. I'm generally known as skinny, but I think that so long as your healthy, nothing else matters. StevenSeagal replies 39 discussions - Posts: 1, Member. I hate it when you see their ribs. I'm 5'7" and a slightly less than lbs. It sucks being this thin. I agree that thin girls look better in clothing, but not girls as thin as I.

Anyone else noticing that skinny women/girls are becoming harder to find?? (rare)??

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Skinny girls forum. What are your opinions on super skinny girls?

Anda R. There are many girls out there in this big world who struggle with losing weight. It always annoyed me to hear this because I ate a lot and tried my best to become fuller. I Skinny girls forum hours on Pinterest to look for motivation and I changed my lifestyle completely. Nowadays I really enjoy my daily runs and hours of exercise and I love keeping myself fit and still being skinny. Skinhy what do you think? Is it a blessing or a curse that we are naturally skinny? Do you care about gaining weight? Or do you just enjoy it when your friends say how lucky you are fforum you don't have to care about how much you can eat? I agree!!

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Log in or Sign up. Older people tell me this didn't use to be the case. So many freshmen girls come in skinny, perky, and care about their health and leave on a diet of fast food and booze. I am athletic myself I'd day but thin with not much muscle mass. I'm about to start a bulk soon.

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Skinny girls...thoughts?

I just dislike being that skinny girl it's just a curse to me.:| . are just not bothering to reply to the thread cos this many guys can't like skinny girls. It's like out of 10 girls have the body I'm talking about. Fuark, is a skinny tummy too much to ask for? Apparently super thick is in. /vent. We are getting a lot more membership applications than we expected. Be patient while we work through the pile. DO NOT submit a second application!!

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