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Letter to second born son

It is one of those kind of nice surprises in life where you receive a wonderful gift when you least expect it. The days when happiness was measured in how many twirls one could do before collapsing into laughter. The 10 pictures you must take on the first day of school. My first three months being pregnant with you was slightly different from your Manong. The night before I have to give birth to you, I was scared. I am a medical doctor, a lifestyle blogger, a wife, a newbie mom, travel junkie, a foodie and a bookworm. This site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Instead of needing us to carry them around when they say they're too tired to walk, they will need us to pick them up from after-school activities and drive them around town. I do this because my childhood in all of its loud glory was the greatest gift my parents ever gave me. Thank you for the understanding that reaches to the depths of my soul from those big blue eyes of yours. I grew up with three brothers and yes, it was loud, crazy, chaotic, but also so much fun. Recently we were all on a family vacation and I was sitting around with my sisters-in-law and we were talking numbers, who was done having kids. These are the shoes that will support them as they learn, play and thrive. But, I understand. I try to teach you the importance of exercise and cook you healthy meals, but I also make a point to let you see me enjoying a donut or a cookie.

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So here it goes. I like kissing your cute lips and lightly pinching your adorable chubby cheeks. Mama loves you no matter what. Thank you for eating your vegetables sometimes, for minding your manners sometimes, and for your enthusiastic belly laughs. I promise to give you my all, even though you may feel like you always have to share. I was starving when the bloodwork came back that showed my body was starting to break down my muscles because it so desperately needed something to digest. As a mother, I feel guilty that I will never be able to give you my undivided time and attention, as I gave to your elder brother. Others never had the luxury of deciding and then some are like me living life on the fence hoping the fertility fairy will drop an answer in your lap.

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The one thing that I did not anticipate, though, was how hard it would be to share equal attention between you both. I was tired. I pause for a moment and smile, feeling like super woman, making it through another day of parenting. They will love remembering what everything looked like on the first day, from the decorations on the wall to your child's cubby, locker or desk. As chocolate ice cream dripped from your cone and melted onto your hands and smeared across your face, you talked excitedly about how we would spend the summer weeks that stretched out in front of us. You are and will always be my little baby. So I starved. In middle school, I was skipping dessert and wearing one-piece bathing suits because I hated the way my stomach looked. Sidewalk chalk never goes out of style and has such a nostalgic quality to it. I know I'm your mom and you won't think I'm cool in a few years, but please promise you'll always come to me and we will figure this out together.

A Letter To My Second Child –

  • But now with you, we know when you will arrive and how you will be delivered.
  • Your dad gives you a kiss on the head, and I silently walk down the hall with you in my arms.
  • I am sorry if I have to hand you to Dad when Manong is not feeling well and mommy have to care for him.
  • That sounds like a good plan to us.
  • I often would have that for lunch.

You surprised me and your dad. It is one of those kind of nice surprises in life where you receive a wonderful gift when you least expect it. Like a bouquet of flowers in a regular day, a dinner treat after a rough day at work, a smile from an unexpected person, a letter from a long-long friend. I remember the day perfectly. It was a Sunday. I got a magical wand that checks mommys if they are pregnant. I hid the magic wand behind my back and I was laughing uncontrollably. Your dad, like a wise prophet, knew the answer. And he joined me in my laughter. We may not have planned it but we wanted you and we overjoyed knowing you will be a part of our family. We went out for dinner to celebrate. My first three months being pregnant with you was slightly different from your Manong. Then after 14 weeks of being pregnant with you, all the bad nauseous feeling when away. It was such a breeze being pregnant with you after that. I often would have that for lunch. I tried to make it a point during my pregnancy with you that I would keep a happy disposition and a healthy diet. I can tell it has made an impact in you.

Mom's Letter to Second Child

Edit Your Post. Published by Casey Huff on November 9, The day I found out that you were growing inside of me, I was home with your brother while your Daddy was LLetter at work. No sooner had I finished taking the pregnancy test than the two blue lines appeared — it was instantaneous. I could hear your brother jabbering from his crib in the other room and with Desixnxx one else to share the news with, I burst into his Best young throats and plucked him out of his crib. Together, we danced and laughed, and I cried.

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Letter to second born son. A Letter to my Second-born

KidsMotherhood. I have been trying to write this letter to you for several weeks sln, thinking on what I want to convey and pondering how I can best do that. I am starting to come to terms with the fact that no matter what I write, I will be missing something. There is just too much love for you in my heart to be expressed with mere words. I am so excited to see you face to face; to look into your eyes and hold your precious being that has been forming in me for eon past nine months. You are active and alert, aware and perceptive. Your movements are far from small and wherever you set foot in the future your presence will be known. You can inspire a smile by simply Hot nude punk girls. Yet, there is so much about you I am anxious to discover. There are also things I want you seconc know, about us and Letter to second born son we are as your family. You will come into a family with so much bonr, love so big and unconditional that it overwhelms at times. Your Dad is the best man you will ever know and his hands and arms will be there to Leetter you, be strong for you, and hold you gently whenever you need. He will teach you what it looks like for a man to put his family first. Your sister is vibrant with a huge heart and a feisty spirit.

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I see you. Out of the corner of my eye, I see you roll over. Did I actually say the words to you? I just laid you down on your activity mat for the second time today. But your brother has disappeared, and it is oddly quiet.

The feeling of utter overwhelm and constant chaos will have dimmed.

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A Letter to Our Second Born, On Her First Birthday. Dearest Kingsley – Happy birthday, sweet girl. You’re our second. But you’ve given us so many firsts. And somehow, you’ve made motherhood feel brand new all over again. You’ll never understand (until maybe you’re a mom) how badly I wanted you. open letter to my second-born son on his first birthday. June 6, June 6, / lindsay. Dear Case, 2 thoughts on “ open letter to my second-born son on his first birthday. ” GG, mom, Chari. June 7, at am I loved reading this. Such joy in my heart!! The pictures are precious. Jan 18,  · Mom's Letter to Second Child An Apology Letter to My Second Child. January 18, by Rebecca Gruber. First Published: March 17, Here, she shares some sweet sentiments with her second Country: US.

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