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Pixie bobs for sale near me

Every buyer also receives a CD with photos of your kitten from their birthday and gradually growing up. Fully vaccinated, current on all flea and Both the adult Pixie Bobs and the kittens particularly enjoy playing with the plastic rings off milk jugs and plastic Easter Eggs, especially when it's just half an Easter Egg because they slide and roll less predictably and because the Pixie Bobs can pick them up and carry them around. Belfast, Antrim. She has longhair, big bones, a short tail and is non-poly. One polydactyl bobtailed girl. I have two kittens left the ginger boy and the tortoiseshell girl the one with white face is reserved Ears too TALL. Further searches Bob cat for sale Kittens for sale Calico kittens for sale Kittens cats for sale Kitten homes Coon kittens for sale Tortoiseshell kittens for sale Birman kittens for sale White kittens for sale Kittens for sale Doncaster Blue kittens for sale Bengal kittens for sale. Pixie Bob cat tails range from non-existing to full length. I am in bridport, Dorset.

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Gets on well with our casts but picks on our daughters. Grey girl Grey with cream spots girl Ginger and white girl Cream and white boy Ginger boy Ginger and white boy All available. Dover, Kent. We do not dock our Pixie Bob kittens' tails because we consider this to be inhumane due to the fact that kittens' tails are nearly fully formed when they are born and this causes nerve and muscle damage. Ready mid-September. About our program Temperament and socialization We work very hard to socialize our Pixie Bob kittens so they will bond quickly and strongly to their new families. I have to brother kittens forsale eating and drinking and using the litter tray they are very playful with beautiful markings..

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He comes with: full health check. We demand our Agents be a cut above, and, simply, the best. Neath, Neath Port Talbot. Ears too TALL. Savannah Agent Trainees Kittens. I have two kittens left the ginger boy and the tortoiseshell girl the one with white face is reserved To promote Pixie Bobs, educate and inform about the Pixie Bob breed, and support ethical breeding and rescue programs. We have a stunning litter of Pedigree Registered Bengal kittens available now to their forever loving homes. Microchipping is a non-optional part of life for our Pixie Bob kittens and we know those who have purchased kittens from us appreciate the extra security this provides. Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire. Absolutely stunning mainecoon girl ready for her new home now Parents are health tested and are here to be seen She has been vet checked and had 1st vaccination She will be a Vey big cat No offers I have already reduced her. Special Agent Savannah Ladies. Every buyer also receives a CD with photos of your kitten from their birthday and gradually growing up.

Special Agent Pixie Bobs - Amongst the best in the world

  • Our Pixie Bobs, both cats and kittens, are exposed to a variety of scratching surfaces, toys, and activities.
  • They are all great and confident characters.
  • Agency Command Center.

To promote Pixie Bobs, educate and inform about the Pixie Bob breed, and support ethical breeding and rescue programs. We achieve these goals by making accurate, detailed information available, producing healthy, well-socialized Pixie Bob kittens, listing Pixie Bobs for adoption, and assisting owners, breeders, and admirers of the Pixie Bob according to our ability. We're a husband and wife team who love animals. We've been breeding dogs and other cat breeds for many years, but became Pixie Bob breeders only recently. Currently, we breed only Pixie Bobs and no other cats, dogs, or other animal companions. Since we are both breeders and animal lovers, it is our responsibility and our joy to support Pixie Bob rescue and adoption efforts. As breeders, we are also committed to: providing accurate, thorough information about the Pixie Bob breed, answering any questions we can, whether about Pixie Bobs or not, and generally making ourselves available to assist anyone in the Pixie Bobs community. A Pixie Bob is a domestic cat bred to visually resemble a wild Bobcat. Pixie Bobs share only a visual similarity with wild Bobcats and do not have anything else in common. DNA testing has proven Pixie Bobs are not descended from wild Bobcats, regardless what else you might read or hear. Pixie Bobs are very sweet, loyal companions and are very much like dogs in this regard. Breeding our Pixie Bobs to meet the breed standard is of the highest importance to us. We feel if you are breeding a purebred animal, but are not breeding to meet that breed's standard, then you might as well just be breeding any mixed breed you care enough about to breed. There is certainly nothing wrong with mixed breeds. All our dogs and cats before our Pixie Bobs were all mutts and we enjoyed them as much as we enjoy our Pixie Bobs. There is just something special about the Pixie Bob and we decided to focus on Pixie Bobs to the exclusion of our mixed breeds. Other than breeding to meet the Pixie Bob breed standard, we prefer rufus warm colored cats, with long hair. We like the look of polydactyl Pixie Bobs, as well, but we currently have no polydactyl breeders in our program. We are also striving to breed Pixie Bobs that are on the larger side.

I accept VISA debit cards for no additional charge. The In-Correct Pixiebob A. SAD eyes, sloping downward at outside. Ears too TALL. Narrow face.

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Pixie bobs for sale near me. Pixie-Bob Kittens Sale & Cats Adoption

We have been showing and raising Gor Bob cats since when we became intrigued by the obbs look Pixie bobs for sale near me this breed paired with its amazing, dog like and loving temperament. Pixie Bob cats are a fully domestic breed of cat bred to resemble the North American Bobcat sporting a rugged exterior with heavily hooded eyes, strong muzzles, substantial boning and ear tufts completing its wild cat allure; however, no actual bobcat was used in the creation of this breed. They are a large breed, reaching around lbs. Males are usually larger than females. Some Pixie Bob kittens are polydactyl, like the famous Hemmingway cats, and have extra toes. TICA allows up to seven toes on each foot. They cannot be shown at this time. Pixie Bob cat tails range from non-existing to full length. We pride ourselves in raising stunning, affectionate, loving, and loyal Pixie Bob kittens for sale that your family will cherish for a lifetime. Our Pixie Bob kittens are raised inside our home as part of our family and are never caged. Each pairing is carefully planned to ensure vigor and health as well as excellent temperaments. Pixie Bob Kittens. Pixie Bob Cats for Backpage vs craigslist. Pixie Bobs. Pixie Bob Cats.

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Alsoomse pixie bobs are one of the foundation breeders of pixie bobs in the U. We have been breeding pixie bobs for 15 years and have had great success in the Born on 20th of March to our homegrown parents, Loki and Sassy. They are now ready to join their future families. Fully vaccinated, current on all flea and

We're a husband and wife team who love animals.

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Thank you for visiting the “Pixie-Bob Kittens for Sale in the USA” page of Local Kittens For Sale! We have a complete list of all the breeders we have located . See more of Rescue Me! Pixie-Bob Rescue on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Community See All. 1, people like this. 1, people follow this. Pixie-bobs are the best cat to have, they are truly a great companion and will become your best friend. June 29, October 19, September 5, See All 4/5(3). Thank you for visiting the “Washington Pixie-bob Breeders” page here at Local Kittens For Sale! Here at Local Kittens For Sale our goal is to help connect anyone who is interested in getting a specific breed of cat with a trustworthy and reputable breeder in their area.

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